Past Festival Films

Below are some of the films that have screened at various MIFS/MSFF events.
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NameTitleDescriptionLinkRelease DateVenue
NameTitleDescriptionLinkRelease DateVenue
Eric Gerber 17 Year Cicada  screened 2008 17 Year Cicada   Times Cinema 
David Holechek A Finger, Two Dots Than Me 2011 Best Film A Finger, Two Dots than me  Lubar Aud, MAM 
Andy Schatner, Justine Romine and Don Ford Afriad of Sunrise 2011 Premiere Afriad of Sunrise trailer  Lubar Aud, MAM 
Eric Gerber  Aldara 2004 Best Film Aldara  Times Cinema 
Andy and Carolyn London A Letter To Colleen screened 2008 A Letter To Colleen  Alchemist Theatre 
Paul Whittington Android 207 2006 The Audience Favorite Award & 2nd Place Android 207  Times Cinema 
Don Ford Anthology, body 2010 MMMMMMF Anthology, body  Eisner Museum 
Michael T. Vollmann Artificial  2007 Best Actor Artificial (part 2 of 2)   Times Cinema 
Michael T. Vollmann Artificial 2007 Audience Favorite Artificial Part 1  Times Cinema 
Ku Mays Audio 2011 MMMMMMF Audio  Lubar Aud, MAM 
Anthony Wood & Patrick Holland Baden Krunk 2011 Best Wisconsin Film Baden Krunk  Lubar Aud, MAM 
Tom Marshall  bigboy_74 2008 Best Film bigboy_74  Times Cinema 
Don Ford Blue Lines screened 2010  Blue Lines Trailer  Lubar Aud, MAM 
Jacqueline Smessaert Botnik! screened 2009 Botnik! Trailer  Lubar Aud, MAM 
Patrik Beck Broken Orbit 2011 Premiere Broken Orbit trailer  Lubar Aud, MAM 
Aaron Yonda, Matt Sloan Chad Vader Gets Freaky 2011 MMMMMMF Best Film Chad Vader Gets Freakay  Lubar Aud, MAM 
VO5 Cheddar Revolution 2011 MMMMMMF Cheddar Revolution  Lubar Aud, MAM 
Nick Rondinelli De La Buena - Lessismas  2011 MMMMMMF Audience Favorite De La Buena - Lessismas   Lubar Aud, MAM 
Roc, E Don't Talk to Strangers Erock for Kids Erock=Don't Talk to Strangers March 31, 2010 Eisner Museum 
Jeff Fitzsimmons Drift screened 2004 Drift  Times Cinema 
Craig A. Knitt Drip 2008 Best Wisconsin Film Drip  Times Cinema 
Lluis Quilez El Siguiente 2005 Honorary Mention for Cinematography El Siguiente  Times Cinema 
Joe Shakula  Escape from Gizemboob screened 2008 Escape from Gizemboob  Alchemist Theatre 
Aaron Wilson  Feng (Wind) screened 2008 Wind website  Times Cinema 
Eric Gerber and Andrew Rosas Flourish  screened 2006 Flourish  Times Cinema 
Jelmar Hufen  For a Few Dollars More screened 2008 For a Few Dollars More trailer  Alchemist Theatre 
Alex Dorn & Rhys Darby Fot: The Next Big Thing Screened 2009 FOT part 1  Eisner Museum 
Howie Goldklang God Knows Your Lonely Soul screened 2004 God Knows Your Lonely Soul  Times Cinema 
Jared Stepp Go Fish Screened 2011 Go Fish  Lubar Aud, MAM 
Karen Lindholm-Rynkiewicz  Gold Digger screened 2010 Gold Digger clip  Lubar Aud, MAM 
Amber Beard  Growing UP Vegas screened 2009 Growing UP Vegas trailer  Lubar Aud, MAM 
Tom Marshall  Happy Clapper screened 2011 Happy Clapper trailer  Lubar Aud, MAM 
Ross Bigley Haunted screened 2007 Haunted  Times Cinema 
Fran Kaplan Honey Colored Boy 2010 Best Wisconsin Film Honey Colored Boy Clip  Lubar Aud, MAM 
Alex Brook Lynn  I am a Fat Cat screened 2010 I am a Fat Cat Trailer  Lubar Aud, MAM 
Packard, Jack IfIHadaHiFi  Ed Wood- eat your heart out at the boys take a trek like adventure Black Holes Resonate in B Flat baby March 30, 2010 Eisner Museum 
Michael John Moynihan iNtHeWoRkS screened 2004 iNtHeWoRkS  Times Cinema 
High Frequency Media Juniper Tar 2010 MMMMMMF Juniper Tar  Alchemist Theatre 
Andrew Hamer Kindred screened 2008 Kindred  Alchemist Theatre 
Paul Whittington L19:Disposed 2008 Honorary Mention" (2nd, Place) L19:Disposed  Times Cinema 
Dan Wilson Leavings screened 2004 Leavings  Times Cinema 
Hans Montelius  Leka Med Dockor (An Affair with Dolls) 2010 Best Film An Affair with Dolls Trailer  Lubar Aud, MAM 
David R. Overbeck Lifestyle Gin screened 2006 Lifestyle Gin  Times Cinema 
Giulio Ricciarelli  Lights 2010 Best Director & Audience Favorite Lights Clip  Lubar Aud, MAM 
Stephen Keep Mills Liminal 2009 Best Director Liminal  Oriental Theatre 
Chantel Harpole Linger screened 2007 Linger  Times Cinema 
Anthony Wood & Claudia Looze Look for the Union Label screened 2006 Look for the Union Label Part 2  Times Cinema 
Anthony Wood & Claudia Looze Look for the Union Label screened 2006 Look for the Union Label Part 1  Times Cinema 
Eric Gerber Losing the Thread screened 2006 Losing the Thread  Times Cinema 
Jason Clemons Love Struck screened 2009 Love Struck  Lubar Aud, MAM 
Hans Montelius Mannen med Kulorna 2009 Best Film Mannen med Kulorna Trailer  Oriental Theatre 
Lance Miller & Donald P. Unverrich Moviebonics  2007 Best Film Moviebonics  Times Cinema 
Eva Pervolovich  My Undone School Movies screened 2008 My Undone School Movies trailer  Alchemist Theatre 
Jason Williams and R. Michael Gull New Day 2009 Film Premiere New Day Trailer  Lubar Aud, MAM 
Michael Mierendorf, Lawrence Marshall. No Good Reason  screened 2009 No Good Reason   Eisner Museum 
Ross Bigley Petty Cash 2010 Premiere Petty Cash Trailer  Lubar Aud, MAM 
Jeff Fitzsimmons  Pre screened 2004 Pre  Times Cinema 
Kasumi Hiraoka Red Light District Graffiti screened 2008 Red Light District Graffiti  Alchemist Theatre 
Kyle Richards  Seffy D screened 2008 Seffy D Part 1  Alchemist Theatre 
Kyle Richards  Seffy D screened 2008 Seffy D part 2  Alchemist Theatre 
Vito Valenti Shiva Street screened 2009 Shiva Street  Lubar Aud, MAM 
Hans Montelius  Sidewalk Wars screened 2011 Sidewalk Wars Trailer  Lubar Aud, MAM 
James David Oxford Smart Card Best Film screened 2005 Smart Card  Times Cinema 
Yumi Yoshida Snow Maiden screened 2009 Snow Maiden  Lubar Aud, MAM 
Guy Roland Spacer 2005 Honorary Mention (2nd place) Spacer  Times Cinema 
Michael John Moynihan Take a Chance screened 2003 Take a Chance  Beanhead Cafe 
Kyle Richards The Amateur Monster Movie screened 2011 The Amateur Monster Movie - Trailer  Lubar Aud, MAM 
Matthew Maloney The Anchorite screened 2009 The Anchorite  Eisner Museum 
Jon Ritcher The Box screened 2009 The Box  Lubar Aud, MAM 
Craig A. Knitt The Egg screened 2006 The Egg  Times Cinema 
Tate Bunker The Frightful Spider screened 2003 click reels  Beanhead Cafe 
Jessica Bayliss The Furry Revolt  Screened 2007 The Furry Revolt   Times Cinema 
Karen Lindholm Rynkiewicz The Grocery screened 2004 The Grocery  Times Cinema 
Bunker, Tate The Life and Times of Frederick Ceasar Uncle Larry tells the tell of the local neighborhood bully The Life & Times of Frederick Ceasar March 30, 2010 Eisner Museum 
Joe Petrilla  The Line screened 2010 The Line Trailer  Lubar Aud, MAM 
Karen Lindholm-Rynkiewicz  The Magnificent Donut screened 2006 The Magnificent Donut  Times Cinema 
Jimmy Sammarco The Me You See 2011 MMMMMMF The Me You See  Lubar Aud, MAM 
Joseph Zentil  The Motel  screened 2009 The Motel trailer  Lubar Aud, MAM 
Gerald Guthrie The Whole Truth screened 2008 The Whole Truth  Times Cinema 
Bill Elverman  The Wintress screened 2009 The Wintress   Lubar Aud, MAM 
Anna Krutzik This is Umberto. screened 2009 This is Umberto.  Lubar Aud, MAM 
Sam Griffith  Til My Voice Is Gone screened 2010 Til My Voice Is Gone  Lubar Aud, MAM 
Cecilia Aranovich To a Man With a Big Nose screened 2006 To a Man With a Big Nose  Times Cinema 
Jason Williams and R. Michael Gull Victim 2008 Audience Favorite Victim trailer  Times Cinema 
Aurum Design Weeds 2008 Artistic Achievement in Visual Design Weeds  Times Cinema 
Eric Gerber What Remains screened 2004 What Remains  Times Cinema 
Anthony Christian Mikkelson Without Name: Ignition screened 2009 Without Name: Ignition  Lubar Aud, MAM 
Ken Ochiai 美雪の風鈴 "Miyuki's Wind Bell"  Screened 2011 美雪の風鈴 "Miyuki's Wind Bell"   Lubar Aud, MAM 
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