World Premiere of Yellow Hill: The Stranger's Tale is Nov 10th.

posted Sep 15, 2012, 4:17 PM by MKE Short Film Fest
(Milwaukee) Yellow Hill Investments LLC, formed by Bai Ling, Ross Bigley and Glen Popple partnered with Stormynight, a Chicago based company formed by Cyn Dulay and Robert Parsons to produce Yellow Hill: The Stranger's Tale. A production shot on location in South Dakota with a mixture of Milwaukee and Chicago talent, and starring Bai Ling (The Crow, Red Corner, Dumplings, Crank 2).

The Yellow Hill characters and concept were created by filmmaker Ross Bigley (Petty Cash, The Bad Girl) who pitched the idea to Bai Ling when she visited Milwaukee to work on Bigley's Petty Cash, since then she formed Yellow Hill Investments LLC with Bigley and Glen Popple to produce a series of films with her character the Stranger. The first being Yellow Hill: The Stranger's Tale which serves as an introduction to Bai Ling's character, the second being the feature film, Yellow Hill.

"We are very fortunate to work with, and to have gotten to know Bai Ling, she's a very sweet and caring person that is passionate about her character and this story, this project is nothing without her involvement. " says Bigley. The script for Yellow Hill was conceived in the late 90's when Bigley read about the struggles that the Chinese went through during the gold rush, and the brutality that they suffered. Bai Ling's character of the Stranger is a variation on the classic Clint Eastwood character from the Leone films, but with a contemporary twist.
"What we hope that people love this story, and the human drama, plus see what local filmmakers can do. The props came from The Rep, the majority of the wardrobe came from MAC's and the gear was supplied by the crew." noted Popple. "And the mixture of Chicago talent helped make this unique, two regions joining forces to shoot on location in South Dakota." said Bigley. Stormynight's Cyn Dulay (Petty Cash, Holiday Baggage, Not Another B Movie) not only is a producer on the project but plays the role of Mei, the person who holds the secrets to the town the Stranger visits in Yellow Hill: The Stranger's Tale. Secrets that will shake the Stranger to her core.
Yellow Hill: The Stranger's Tale also stars Tom Reed (A Pilgrim's Tale, John Water's Cry Baby), Dan Katula (Missed Connections, Petty Cash), Joshua Parkes (Petty Cash), Bruce Spielbauer (Amateur Monster Movie, Body in a Dumpster, Dust), Theophilus Jamal (Prison Break, Black Butterfly, John Woo's Stranglehold) Brian Roloff, John Walski (Slacktime, Resseville, Public Enemies) and Cheryl Roloff (The Bananas, Bring Me The Head of Harry Jones) . Make up and hair was by Jenni Schenk, Special Effects by Gregg Wright, the Director of Photography was Dru Montaque, Digital Special Effects by Aurum Design and Film Score by Tom Muschitz.
For more information on Yellow Hill premiere please visit the film's info page:
Yellow Hill: The Stranger's Tale will premiere  November 10th at the Lubar Auditorium in the Milwaukee Art Museum. Bai Ling will be in attendance.