Please help this local film, Zombie Frat House

posted Feb 26, 2013, 7:41 AM by MKE Short Film Fest

Who we are:

Dirty Job Films, a genre production company based in Milwaukee is gearing up to produce its third feature film, ZOMBIE FRAT HOUSE. A mix of "Animal House" and "The Walking Dead".

Writer/Producer/Director Ross Bigley (Petty Cash, Yellow Hill: The Stranger's Tale)reteams with Producers Glen Popple (Petty Cash, Port of Call) and Craig McCarthy (Petty Cash).

They bring together a cast of over 40 actors with a brand new production team for ZOMBIE FRAT HOUSE headed up by D.P. Phil Koch.

We are so excited about ZOMBIE FRAT HOUSE, its great bloody fun, and one that we hope audiences will love as well. Filmmaking is in our blood, we live it and breath it. Our goal is to showcase the great talent in the Milwaukee area and giving them a chance to shine. To show what the filmmaking community of Milwaukee can do.

By contributing to ZOMBIE FRAT HOUSE you help us out in a big way, you give us a chance to make a film we are commited to doing, you also help out the large cast of over 40 actors and the film community in Milwaukee. It even affords us the ability to build upon what we started as a production company.

The plot of Zombie Frat House:

Sigma House find themselves expelled after constant hijinks (locking bathroom stall doors at homecoming, rampant sex parties and getting minors drunk). The Dean has even revoked their charter.

So, facing the end of college life as they know it, they decide to go out in style, to throw the college party to end all college parties. And just their luck, they wake the next day to find that the zombie apocalypse started.

The worst Frat house on campus becomes the only place for survial. But did one of their own inadvertantly start the apocolypse? And just who are the White Trash Zombie Killers that crash the frat?

What We Need & What You Get:

This is an independent feature film being made outside the studio system. The very low budget of $8,000 is the minimum that we need to do this. As independent film makers we will be efficient and everything we raise will go to making a better movie. We have a great deal of experience shooting low budget productions. The cast and crew are not getting paid, they are doing this for the love of the project.

  • $3,000 for make up and special effects (Lots of zombies and body parts to make)
  • $2,500 to feed the cast and crew (large cast over 20 shoot days)
  • $1,500 for equipment needs, wardrobe, gas and location fees.
  • $1,000 for promotional needs/ DVDs/ suppling perks and festival costs.

If we do not reach our goal we will still shoot this film. The money raised will go towards this production. This is what we all want to do and we will make it happen in some way. We all love this film idea and are not getting paid, all money goes to those budget items.

Everyone who makes a contribution to the ZOMBIE FRAT HOUSE campaign will receive a perk (listed on the right hand side of the page). Please look over those great perks and give what you can. We’re giving you the unprecedented opportunity to be a part of the movie-making process. You can be in the movie, or even become a Producer, all while having exclusive behind the scenes access to the making of ZOMBIE FRAT HOUSE.

The Impact:

Your contribution will make a difference to the Milwaukee filmmaking community, to us and our large cast of over 40 actors. It could give the world a chance to see an old fashion fun film, not one of those CGI heavy films of today. Real effects, actors giving it their all with seat of your pants filmmaking. Every pledge helps us get closer to making that vision a reality.

We have a track record, our last Indie Go Go campaign, Yellow Hill: The Stranger's Tale was succesful. We didn't hit the goal, but the money raised enabled us to get that project filmed.

You'll be updated about our progress via here, our twitter account and our facebook page.

We'll have video updates, and clips from the film will be uploaded. We'll edit while we'll shoot. You'll get to be a part of the whole ZOMBIE FRAT HOUSE experience.

Other Ways You Can Help:

We need to spread word of this campaign as far as possible. Please share the campaign and its videos on Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites. You can also follow the campaign on Indiegogo and use their share tools to pass the campaign along to others. Any and all help is greatly appreciated!

Thank you for your time and your help!

Our Facebook page:

Our Twiiter account:

Who we are:

Ross Bigley (Writer and Director)

Glen Popple (Producer/1st A.D.)

Craig McCarthy (Producer)

Leslie Maj (Unit Production Manager)

Phil Koch (Director of Photography)

Mark Maj (Second Camera/Director of Photography)

Jenni Schenk (Make up Effects)

David Smulski (Chief Lighting Technician)

John Walski (Stunt Co-Ordinator)

Mark G.E. (Soundtrack)