Please Help this Local Film: The Atheist by Anthony Presti

posted Jan 18, 2013, 6:17 PM by MKE Short Film Fest
Here's his Indie Go Go pitch:

'The Atheist'.....An "Un/Offensive" Short Comedy About The Afterlife

The Plot: Edward (James Carlson) awakens in the afterlife after having just died. He is then informed by GOD's secretary Kyra (Tamsyn Reed) that, due to his nihilistic tendancies, he must submit to an interview with GOD (Tom Reed) before entering the promised land.

As he awaits his interview, he encounters Vincent (Brian Miracle), a fellow unbeliever who doesn't believe he's dead, and Maxwell (Jeffrey James Ircink), a recently executed serial killer. Edward then meets with GOD to discuss his fate. Meanwhile, Vincent must deal with his growing affection for Kyra and enlists the help of two women to win her heart.


Tom Reed .............GOD

James Carlson ........Edward

Brian Miracle ..........Vincent

Tamsyn Cogar Reed .........Kyra

Jeffrey James Ircink .........Maxwell

Flora Coker ...........Older Woman

Joceyn Fitz-Gibbon...Younger Woman

Written & Directed by Anthony Presti

The story behind the story: 'The Atheist' came from one simple idea: What would happen if an atheist died and awakened in the afterlife? And what if they brought all their doubts and disbeliefs with them into the next world? I was immediately excited by the concept, one I felt was ripe for comedy, and quickly began writing the script. Once the script was completed I sent it to my friend and frequent collaborator Tom Reed (The Lady of Menagerie, a pilgrim's journal). We then gathered a number of talented actors as well as crew and set out to make the short movie.

It was then pointed out to me that although we had a "funny" script, and a talented cast and crew, we were slightly lacking in one key area: Money. "Lacking" meaning we had none. That is where indiegogo and you come in. They say money makes the world go 'round, in our case this couldn't be more true. The quality of this movie will be solely dependent on the generous contributions given by art, comedy and movie lovers alike. It will allow us to compensate the cast and crew as well as secure locations and enrich the movie with props and costumes. Many people ask for money, we are asking for partners.

What we are asking for: To help get 'The Atheist' off the ground and achieve the things described above, we are asking for $2500 in support. These funds will be used for production costs, such as booking locations, costumes, hiring crew and paying the actors. If you donate, not only will you recieve gifts for doing so, but also the satisfaction of helping to create an artistic endeavor. A project intended to make people laugh and maybe raise a few questions about a topic so personal to all of us.

Other ways to contribute: Of course not everyone is able to donate money, especially since there are so many projects to choose from. If you don't have money to spare or would rather contribute to another project, you can help us by donating a small portion of your time. Word of mouth is one of the most powerful tools in getting creative projects off the ground. If you can't contribute money, please use social networking sites as well as tools on Indiegogo to share our project with as many of your friends and relatives as possible. This will go a long way to helping us reach our goal.

If you are interested in checking out samples of our previous short film work, you can do so do so by clicking on the links below. If you enjoy them, please donate a small amount to our new project, 'The Atheist'.

These projects were self-finaced. Imagine how much better 'The Atheist' will be with YOUR support!

Thanks for your time!


Anthony Presti (Writer/Director of 'The Atheist')

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