Please Help this Local Film:Eastside Tales by Robert McBride

posted Jan 18, 2013, 5:56 PM by MKE Short Film Fest   [ updated Jan 18, 2013, 5:57 PM ]
Here's Robert's pitch straight from his Kickstarter page:
Eastside Tales by Robert McBride
Producing a Grindhouse style double feature that will premiere at Milwaukee's Oriental Theater.

This spring I plan on showing two films back to back at the Oriental Theater!

The first film is already completed. Eastside is a story about one crazy night a group of friends have before several of them move away from each other! The film features several Milwaukee hot spot locations and has an original score from up and coming bands in the city!

The second film has the working title, Night Life. This dark thriller takes place inside the Oriental Theater. When a group goes to see a midnight horror screening they end up in a horror movie themselves. This script was made with the use of the Oriental Theaters decor in mind and the myths of the Buddhist Hungry Ghosts.

Night Life is yet to be filmed. This gives people an opportunity to help out and see the progress of the film from start to finish!

If you ever wanted to participate in a film this is your chance! We are casting, looking for extras and always looking for more crew! We are also looking for people to help fund raise and raise awareness of what we are trying to accomplish!

$1,500- Goes into the marketing of Eastside Tales. Making posters, fliers, internet adds, spots in newspapers and printing programs for the Event.

$850- Is the cost of renting the main screen at the Oriental Theater for the event.

$750- Is the cost to going to rent and insure all of the locations of Night Life.

$400- Will allow the film to complete in film festivals around the world!

Ian's Pizza has already agreed to sponsor us by supplying food for the actual Shoot of the film. So that helps greatly with the cost of production.

Risks and challenges

Without a doubt we will come across several challenges while filming Night Life. Whether it will be scheduling conflicts with the cast and locations to filming outside in a Wisconsin winter to creating believable horror effects.

The talented cast and crew I have assembled are very dedicated and more than willing to put in the time and effort in creating the best film possible.

Aside from completing the film itself, the most challenging part is marketing. We need to raise awareness of the film in order for it to be any kind of real success.

The Oriental Theater is a place in which you not only see but feel the history of cinema. Getting the funds to produce and present a film in such a location is very meaningful, not only to the people involved in making the film but the community as a whole.

But we can only do this with SUPPORT FROM YOU!