Patrik Beck talks about his film, Broken Orbit.

posted Oct 5, 2011, 12:46 PM by MKE Short Film Fest

MIFS: Where did the idea for the film come from?
Two places. The seed came from the idea I had to challenge myself to write a story that took place entirely in one location. The concept was that of a person sitting alone in his room, observing some kind of global event that was taking place exclusively by what they could see out of there window or what the saw on tv or the internet. Which is realistically I think how the majority of the population would experience it.  At the time I was also greatly disturbed by the fact that we are a nation at war for seven years, and no body seems to pay any attention. Some how the two thoughts melded and an alien visitation that happened seven years before the start of the movie became an allegory for the Iraq war. Sometimes important things happen and are forgotten before they are finished, that's kind of the theme.

MIFS: How much did the project change from concept to final edit?
Very very little. Taking a tip I learned by listening to the commentary track of Robert Rodriguez movie 'Planet Terror', I wrote a treatment of the script along with some possible character types, and then held auditions. Once I found what I thought was a good ensemble of actors, I got to know them a little bit, then wrote the script with them in mind. I could here there voices will writing which made the dialog come quite easily.

MIFS: Where there any challenges during production?
How much space do I have? How big is the internet?  Truthfully, in many ways this was a charmed project. People that were strangers when it started are now like family. The support of so many people, cast and crew, that picked me up when I was down is the only reason this project continued.

MIFS: With the film completed, what has been the most rewarding thing about the whole experience?
I'll let you know.
Broken Orbit screens Nov 4th, 9:15pm. Lubar Auditorium at the Milwaukee Art Museum. Tickets are $10.00