New local comedy series is hitting the web with new episodes every Friday night. "Friday Night Weekly"

posted Nov 20, 2013, 1:12 PM by MKE Short Film Fest
A wild new comedy series is hitting the web with new episodes every Friday night. "Friday Night Weekly" takes a news show format and methodically turns it on its head through staged goofs, gags, skits, and some decidedly dark humor. "FNW" is the latest from Milwaukee-based King's Tower Productions and filmmaker Jozef K. Richards (The Amateur Monster Movie, The Wayward Sun) and streams 24/7 on the "King's Tower Channel", accessible through YouTube.

"Friday Night Weekly" is hosted by Jozef K. Richards, Makenzie Boettcher, and Matt Henry and features regular appearances by FNW Special Reporter Reuben Glaser, Ryan Dewerth as "The P.A.", and a side cast of many memorable faces including comedian Matt Mast as Matt Henry's spiritual adviser and award-winning filmmaker Van Campbell III in an inspired role as bug expert "Samuel St. Hngus".

Viewers each week can look forward to Jozef Richards' futile attempts to produce to a credible, legitimate news show despite being surrounded by a cesspool of incompetency. Former missing-person Makenzie Boettcher and funnyman Matt Henry are Richards' co-hosts and main pillars of support on the show, though Mr. Henry in particular seems to have a fixation with making the show "crazier" and "funnier" much to the distress of his co-hosts, and Ryan the P.A. is usually there to assist Matt with his schemes rather than assist with, you know, production…

As for FNW's main special reporter, Reuben Glaser, well, he is just terrible and nearly ruins every episode with his shlocky, unplanned interviews, segments, and overall bullying of other crew members as well as small woodland critters. But he also wears glasses like Jozef so that makes him the second-smartest person on the show.

Exciting days are afoot for the FNW crew and anyone who watches, because something this BIG only comes around once a millennium. As the wise man once said, "We'll see you on Friday night." We sure will… we sure will…