Millions of Views and NO RESPEKT!!! Welcome to Internet Video:

posted Sep 21, 2012, 11:08 AM by MKE Short Film Fest   [ updated Sep 25, 2012, 5:32 PM ]
The Milwaukee Independent Film Society and MARN are partnering together to present:

Millions of Views and NO RESPEKT!!! Welcome to Internet Video:

This is an interactive lecture/conversation about creating quality online content and maximizing your internet-ness.

Jack Packard is a freelance video producer and editor, a Content Supervisor with and a handsome dresser. Residing In Milwaukee, Jack uses the resources and general apathy of the city and surrounding area to experiment with what most would consider stupid video ideas.

As an employee of FunnyOrDie, he has two main responsibilities:

● Watching hundreds of user submitted video in an effort to find quality videos and creators

● Writing and editing content for the site.

Jack has been involved in over 50 internet videos as either a director, writer, editor or actor. The view total for all his work is well over 18 Million. He will, supposedly, use all this knowledge to help you better construct, release and distribute your online video content.

(But let’s be honest...we’re going to watch some cat videos and make fart jokes.)

The class/lecture/discussion will center around “What’s Makes a Viral Video?” we’ll dissect some popular internet videos and see what we can learn from their success, then, translate that into your own projects. You’re invited to join in the conversation by bringing short video clips* that the group can discuss.

*Jack reserves the right to end any video clip at any time....and he’s a real ass-hole so don’t think he won’t.

Then we’ll talk about creating an online presence to complement your videos. Or whatever.


This class/lecture/discussion will happen Nov 11th @ 11am @ MARN located @: 5407 W Vliet St Milwaukee, WI 53208
You can contact them through email:
And by phone: 414.732.2121


The class will be at the super cheap rate of $10.00 a person.

To reserve your seat: