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posted May 26, 2013, 10:35 AM by MKE Short Film Fest
Rediscovering Ginny

Short Summary

Although I'm the writer and director, this film is a largely collaborative effort between myself and a number of graduates and students at University of Wiscinsin, Milwaukee. Some of the people who will be a major part of completing this film are Mitchel Stamm, Eli Asinen, Bob Garvey, Matt Axberg and Joe Alane. An undeniable source of technical, and likely aesthetic influence would be an instructor under whom all of us have studied, Tate Bunker. In fact, a film that we collaborated on last year, entitled "Luminosity", was featured in the UWM film Fest.

In 2011 I began attending University of Wisconsin as an older adult returning student. I began making films based, in part, on my experiences growing up in Chicago.

This film, "Rediscovering Ginny" tells the story of a young Marco who has long adimired and wanted to get close to Ginny, a girl who he considers out of his league because he was always seen as a misfit and she comes from a more upscale background.

In their early 20's Marco goes to a drug house to score and with mixed emotions finds that Ginny is there also. His emotions and hers as well, run from surprise, shock, disappointment, embarassment and self-loathing to something close to actual hostility. Ginny is far more immersed in drugs than Marco but as he has held her in his mind to represent an image of goodness and redemption for himself he refuses to believe that she will continue to take the downward spiral that she has obvioously been on.

This film is not meant to be an 'after-school special' saying, "hey kids, don't do drugs". There is no glowing moment of resolution for either of them, just an exploration of some of the reasons they got to this point and the possibility that through focussing on the grander, more transcendent aspects of life that it's possible to find a better way to live.

This film is important to me because I've seen and been closely connected to a number of people who have succumbed to drugs, crime and other venues of despair. I hope to point out that a person can find a much more meaningful and gratifying way to live when one is mindful of the fact that each moment of life is an unspeakable, ineffable miracle.

It is my hope, and that of the entire cast and crew that "Rediscovering Ginny" will have a positive impact on numerous viewers.

What We Need

This is a low budget indy film, It will be entered into numerous film festivals and screened at whatever venues and organizations that may be appropriate.

Our goal is to raise $5000.00

This would cover:

  • Filming equipment and supplies
  • Location fees
  • Permits to film at public parks, beaches, schools, etc.
  • Transportation, reneed vehicles, fuel, etc.
  • Coffee, pizza, beverages, etc.
  • Wardrobe, make-up, props etc.
  • Entry fees
  • The occasional unexpected expense

What You Get

  • $1 - 5 A thankyou on our Facebook page
  • $10 - 24 A thank you post card & Facebook thank you.
  • $25 - 74 the above & a thank you in the credits.
  • $75 - 99 The above & a signed poster.
  • $100 & up The above plus named as an Executive Producer in the credits.

Please remember...

If you are unable to contribute but appreciate the intent of this film, mention it to your friends and acquanitences.

Thank You,

Vito Valenti