Help this film: Neptune

posted Feb 20, 2012, 2:13 PM by MKE Short Film Fest
As with Last House Productions' previous films, I Want You To Know and The Bully, Neptune takes an inventive, immediate approach to cinema. 
Set on an island off the coast of Maine, Neptune is the story of an adolescent girl's dive into spiritual mania. Stirred by the sudden death and disappearance of a peer, the young girl takes to the waters as an apprentice to the boy's lobsterman father. A strange and beautiful journey, Neptune couples haunting visions with themes of loss, animism and the universal search for identity.
An independently produced feature film intended for theatrical release and DVD distribution, Neptune goes before the camera on location in Maine starting in the summer of 2012 and wrapping up in the summer of 2013. Neptune has a planned release date for November 2013.
This film cannot reach a worthy fruition without the kind support of individuals like you. Our goal for this campaign is to raise almost a quarter of the total budget. Even $5 or $10 donated toward this initial production phase will be a significant contribution. With many people giving just a little bit, Neptune can be the beautiful film it has the potential to be. The monies raised will be used as start-up funds and for the first production phase scheduled June – October 2012.
To Donate go to the indie gogo link: