Help this film: Between the Fall and Rise

posted Feb 4, 2013, 12:01 PM by MKE Short Film Fest

An old friend of ours needs help with her film, she hasn't lived in Milwaukee for a few years but this is a worthy project.

Between the Fall and Rise

A fictional story inspired by a young woman addicted to heroin on the streets of Skid Row and how she changes a young man's life over the course of one night.

SYNOPSIS: A feature length film about a young woman with a heroin addiction living on the streets of Skid Row who collides with a young man who has disconnected from everyone around him and is all but ready to stop living. They embark on a journey of self discovery, loss and redemption between a single fall and rising of the sun.


My name is David Marroquin. I am a full time police officer for the Los Angeles Police Department. I currently patrol the Skid Row area of Downtown Los Angeles, which is where the story takes place.

Prior to becoming a police officer, I studied acting at the prestigious Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London. After an almost 9 year respite, I have seen many things and am now ready to make my feature film directing / acting debut. Check out the link at the bottom to see a prior short film / music video I directed.

The Inspiration:

This story is inspired by a beautiful young woman of 26 named Ashley. I met her about 8 months ago at 7th and San Pedro (Skid Row area of downtown Los Angeles); I was on patrol with my partner when we stopped to talk with her; I was curious as to what she would be doing in such a troubled area as I'd never seen her before. It soon became apparent that she was a heroin user and my heart sank. We had a pleasant interaction and at the end of the conversation I saw her eyes well up as I told her that I would keep her in my prayers. I saw her again while at Jail Division after two officers had arrested her for being under the influence. I said hi to her as they brought her in and she gave me a smile. I then asked if she remembered me and she said yes (it had been 6 months since I had had face to face contact with her). "Really?" I replied, and even though she could barely stand up, her eyes rolling to the back of her head, she said "Yea, 7th and San Pedro." I then saw her a few days later and again, I approached her and began asking her questions about where she was staying and when was the last time she had used heroin. She responded by asking if she was in trouble to which I said no. After hearing that she didn't know where she was going to sleep that night (It was 8 pm, and it had been raining all day) I expressed that I was concerned for her. It broke my heart. I drove home that night with a huge weight bearing down on my shoulders. I had an urge to do something to give back, to draw awareness to the devastating powers of addiction.

The Impact

It has been my experience in getting to know many homeless and addicted individuals that everyone has a story to tell and desperately wants to be loved, validated and accepted.

My hope is that this film will bridge the gap that keeps the marginalized in the blind spot of our communities. I hope to inspire people to give back by volunteering their time at local homeless service programs, donating money to programs that have permanent supportive housing, and to increase education about addiction, homelessness, suicide and the importance of seeking help. person at a time:

The person pulling the shopping cart with the yellow tarp in the clip above is Deborah. She is one of the many homeless residents of skid row. She is 48 and has been living in skid row for over 20 years. When I approached her about being in a scene with Ashley's character in the film her face lit up. She is a lovely woman and I cannot wait to share her beauty with you in this film.

What We Need

Please help us meet our goal of $5,000. We have an extremely talented crew, some of whom are donating their wonderful and professional talent but we still need your help. Your contributions will go toward:

* Equipment rental

* Insurance

* Transportation

* location

* crew

* Food

* Post Production

* Festival Fees

Other Ways You Can Help!

Even if you can't donate any money at the moment, you can still help in a major way by sharing this page with everyone you know and encouraging them to help!


Prior Work:

Below is a link to short film / music video I directed last year. The female lead will be playing Ashley.
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password. The password is: 1236
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