Help our local film, Yellow Hill: The Stranger's Tale reach its goal.

posted Apr 23, 2012, 1:36 PM by MKE Short Film Fest

What is Yellow Hill and how can you join The Yellow Hill Gang?

Bai Ling, the International star of such films as The Crow, Anna and the King, Red Corner, Southland Tales and Crank 2 returns the genre of the western. This time as an outcast, the reluctant hero who rises to protect the oppressed.

Yellow Hill: The Stranger's Tale is the first in what we plan to be a series of films, the first of which being this short film that introduces Bai Ling's character. In this film she discovers the fate of her father from whom she was separated a decade earlier. The second will be a feature film with a epic feel, as Bai Ling protects a group of Chinese settlers from a mob of desperadoes forcing them off their land. Both are an homage to the films of Sergio Leone, but with a modern twist.

Our fundraising goal has been set at the minimum level at which we can make this movie. The location is secured, the wardrobe deals made and the actors are in place. An independently produced film intended for the festival circuit and DVD, Yellow Hill: The Stranger's Tale goes before the camera on location in the badlands of South Dakota this May.

What We Need & What You Get:

We've come under a budget short fall. Due to production logistics we find that we don't have as much as we need to make this film work. Your donation goes into production value, wardrobe, transporting cast and crew to South Dakota, lodging and feeding everyone.

Every penny will be seen on screen. And a portion will go into the perks you get when you donate. Please look at what we have to offer.

But what will happen if we fall short? We will still make this film. This is the project that we want to do and we will look into ways to get it done.

The Impact

This film cannot be completed without the kind support of people like you. Our goal is to raise almost a half of the total budget through this campaign. Even a $5 or $10 donation helps. Every pledge lifts the quality of the movie and is gratefully appreciated!

This a passion project for all involved, for the last few years we've worked hard to get it to this point. Producer and Star Bai Ling has a long list of credits, she was awarded Breakthrough Performance for Red Corner (1997) by the National Board of Review, won the Chinese equivalent of the Oscar for Dumplings (2004), and produced the film Shanghai Baby (2007) .

Executive Producer Cyn Dulay has 15 years business management and 6 years as an independent film producer. Her film Holiday Baggage starring Barry Bostwick and Cheryl Ladd was purchased by the Lifetime network, and she is currently working on the multi-million budget animated film, Stork.

Writer and Director Ross Bigley has 60 short films and three features under his belt and has previoiusly worked with Bai Ling and Cyn Dulay on the feature film Pett Cash. He is currently finishing up his third feature The Bad Girl.

Producer Glen Popple has been a filmmaker for over six years and has been a co-director on the feature films: Port of Call, 99 Bottles and The Bad Girl .

Other Ways You Can Help:

If you aren't in a position to support the film financially at this time that's cool! Another way to help is by spreading the word about it using the share tools here on IndieGoGo. Join and share our Facebook page. Tweet and blog about us! Direct others who might be able to get involved back to this IndieGoGo page. Anything and everything helps!

And keep in mind that most of the perks simply won't be available once the campaign ends.

Please follow our blog for future cast announcemts and news on the project.

Don't forget to follow us, as well as Bai Ling ,on Twitter!

Thank you!

The Yellow Hill Gang