Help a filmmaker who has helped others.

posted Sep 15, 2012, 4:22 PM by MKE Short Film Fest

My friend, Phil Koch, an award winning photographer from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, has been pursuing his dream and passion of a photographic journey through the State of Wisconsin and photographing his "Horizons" Series for more than 2 years.

"I always wanted to shoot a good vertical landscape because I noticed very few do that. So my goal has been to take a good vertical every day, forcing myself to really look at both the sky and what was on the ground in front of me. I call these photographs "Horizons" because I essentially split the photo in half. The result is an image that's as if you are there and can walk right into the photo."....Phil Koch

He has also been generously sharing these enchanting and breathtaking images with thousands of loyal followers on Facebook, Google Plus, Flickr, Pinterest, ChimeIn, Pixoto and many more photography sites.

Now, he needs your help to replace his broken camera!

After taking over 250,000 photos over the last two years, his trusty Canon 7D has worn out and no longer works. Like so many of us, the trials, tribulations, and challenges of making ends meet always seem to coincide with one another, i.e., vehicle(s) repair, the cost of raising four wonderful kids, etc..

Sadly, there simply aren't the funds in his budget to replace his camera. He says a camera is a luxury, not a necessity. So now the project has ended to the disappointment of many.

But, with your help you can now be part of the journey as he treks into the fields and meadows of Wisconsin to show the world what he sees. Each donation brings us closer to having Phil back out there with wet shoes and his favorite Stetson to keep his head warm.

To see his body of work you can visit this site:

Let's support and help Phil on his photographic journey so he can keep sharing the beauty of Wisconsin with the world. Any help you can afford to give would be so greatly appreciated and will be used toward the purchase of a new Canon camera.

Thanking you in advance for your generosity to Phil and your support of the Art of Photography, and for checking out this site.............Leslie Maj, Racine, WI :D



Phil's unique and enchanting style has also caught the attention of other award winning photographers like Royce Bair whose own work has appeared in renowned publications such as National Geographic and The Smithsonian.

"There are 3 unique things about this gallery of Phil Koch images. 1) every image was photographed in Wisconsin, 2) every image is a vertical, and 3) every image has the horizon line almost dead center - breaking a major rule of composition (but it works great for this series, doesn't it!).....Royce Bair

Phil has worked tirelessly to support and promote photography and filmmaking, co-founding The Firestarter Film Festival in Milwaukee, WI, as a way for local filmmakers to share their work and network with one another. He is also very active in the Milwaukee filmmaking community, always lending a hand (or equipment!!) whenever called upon. He is also an award winning filmmaker, a certified professional photographer since 1993, and was named Best Local Filmmaker by the Shepard Express in 2009.

In addition, in November of 2012, The Milwaukee Independent Film Society (MIFS) is honoring Phil by bestowing on him the Pace-setter Award. This prestigious award is given to persons that are dedicated to advancing filmmaking in Wisconsin.

Here are just some of the wonderful comments and feedback Phil has received from fans of his Horizon Series:

Nick from Oregon, United States, says:
"Phil, when it comes to representing what "America" is all about, this scene is one of the best representations I've seen to date! Very nicely done :)smile"

Cindy from Grants Pass, Oregon - United States, says:
"You know, Phil... Yours is one of the few portfolios that I can not find a single image that I can't love! Awesome capture as always!"

Randy from Iola, Wisconsin - United States, says:
"Totally awesome, Phil! I just love your work, and you bring justice to the scenery of the world, in your very own, skilled technique! Keep up the great work, and I am very pleased to have you as a member of our group!"

Janice from Michigan, says:
"I admire your photos here and on the Capture Wisconsin site. The lighting and processing, impact is great. The one thing that has caught my eye ( in the recent horizon uploads) is that you have chose to have the horizon line midway in the picture. I find it interesting that you have chose that perspective. I know they say to have the one be your point of emphasis and to have that take up more of the picture. The skies and foregrounds are beautiful and well processed on your pics. I guess that some rules are to be broken at times, because the final image is great."

Jan from Gold Coast, QL - Australia - "Awe inspiring work Phil and a very blessed image!"

Daneen from Denver, CO - "The thumbnail of your image instantly grabbed my attention and I simply had to click to view this larger size. Absolutely beautiful and awe-inspiring this is. If a tiny thumbnail image can make one stop in their tracks, I can only imagine what a full size poster would do. Good stuff!"

Chris from New York, NY - "Whoa! Great photograph Phil, just super! Love this one. F&V!"

Bruce from Galt, Il - "Awesome image, Phil! Love the composition, detail, perspective, and the warm feeling one gets when looking at this."

Carly from New Zealand - "A true blue beauty, Phil! Just a phenomenal shot and your subjects are always so enjoyable to visualize and study! Thanks for sharing!"

Emily from London, England - "Wow factor, Phil! You are like a fine bottle of wine, as you just keep getting better with age! LOL This is a remarkable and truly beautiful piece of art work!"

Tim A. from Seattle, WA - "WOW! WOW! WOW! This is outstanding, Phil!! Absolutely superb capture!"

Chris G. from Fresno, CA - "This photograph has just about every concievable type of wild light I have ever seen (blues, oranges purples and glowing whites) This is a masterpiece!!! One of your best horizons."

Mary from Sydney, Australia - "What a gorgeous sunset image. Love the clouds, the lines and the detail, but most of all love your control of light. Fav. I have enjoyed viewing some of your other beautiful images also."

Pamela from Lawrenceville, NJ - Great scene - makes me want to go there!

Steve from Irvine, CA - United States - Wow, this is just like a dream!

DeveionPhotography (6 days ago) - "Wow, im amazed at the colors captured in the photograph! outstanding work!!"

Paul from Toronto, Canada - "Wanted to send you a quick note on how much I enjoy looking at all your amazing work! Truly inspiring images! Looking forward to seeing more...Best Regards."

Shari commented on Aridity - "As always, congratulations on a fine series of landscapes. The Aridity especially tugs at my heartstrings with the stamina of the Queen Anne's Lace and the flight of the raptor among billowing clouds."

Terri from France - "Phil, your Horizon collection is just beautiful. I can't pick a favorite because I like them all. Thank you for sharing so many beautiful photos."