Barry Wilkinson talks about his film, Do Not Disturb.

posted Oct 7, 2011, 11:19 AM by MKE Short Film Fest
Where did the idea for the film come from?
I wanted to create a film to explore what it is like to be a foreign visitor in the UK. I am interested in how isolation can amplify feelings and emotions which are less significant in a familiar environment. My aim was to portray how these emotions can manifest themselves in each of the characters.

How much did the concept change when going to final edit? 
The final film is almost exactly how it appeared in script and storyboard form. The idea was to make the work side of the trip as dull as possible, so 'action shots' were kept to a minimum. In the edit we took the decision to hold ‘still’ shots for longer than normal in order to get this concept across.

Were there any challenges during production?
As the film was spoken in Mandarin Chinese, neither myself or Tim (the editor) understood a word. This was always going to be a challenge on set, but we hadn't considered. However, once I showed the rough cut to a Mandarin speaker, it turned out we had managed to cut something together that seemed natural and made perfect sense.

With the film completed, what has been the most rewarding thing about the whole experience?
I am very happy with the reception the film received on initial showings to colleagues and friends. One of the most rewarding things is that people who watch it assume it’s a foreign film, made by a Chinese crew! To me however, it is still a very British film with universal themes.
Do Not Disturb will screen Saturday, NOV 5th at 4:30 during the 13th Annual Milwaukee Short Film Festival.
Tickets are $10.00