13th Annual Milwaukee Short Film Festival reaches far and wide.

posted Sep 3, 2011, 11:42 AM by MKE Short Film Fest   [ updated Sep 6, 2011, 10:10 AM ]
(Milwaukee) The Milwaukee Short Film Festival will once again take place at the stunning Lubar Auditorium inside the Milwaukee Art Museum, and this year there is more of an emphasis in reaching out to other filmmakers and even festivals.
For the first time we will pay tribute another Wisconsin film festival that honestly and truly supports Wisconsin filmmakers with this year's Pace-setter award. The Wildwood Film Festival located in Appleton Wisconsin has for the past ten years only shown films with a Wisconsin connection, its founders, Craig A Knitt, Jason Buss and Thomas Thorne have stayed with it since its inception and it has never lost sight of its original mission statement. Their award presentation will take place during the opening night ceremony Friday November 4th.
In other news we are releasing a partial line up to this year's festival; 
Hello. My Name Is... Directed by: Kenneth Kornacki (MKE)
Typographic animations illustrating the names of very large numbers.
The Seven Year Wish  Directed by Jenn Robers (WI)
Every year, on his birthday, struggling musician Matt Michaels makes the same wish: not to die. But as we all know, birthday wishes only last one year, and the cloaked figure of Death knows it too. Like the house guest who can't take a hint, Death appears every year on Matt's birthday ready to collect if the poor guy doesn't make the same wish ensuring another year of life... and to hang out with Matt, his best and only friend.
Go Fish Directed by Jared Stepp (WI)
Jack is a lonely accountant whose only pleasure in life is eating his lunch in a park. One day a woman rushes by on a bike and spills her precious cargo: a goldfish. Jack rushes to the rescue, but is unable to stop the stranger on the bike. He soon befriends the fish, and when he sees the beautiful stranger in the park the next day, he must choose whether to give back the fish or keep his newfound friend.
Abbie  Directed by Erin Good (Australia)
In a dystopian corporate world idealistic Abbie embarks on the first day of her new job with nervous delight. Her excitement however, is quickly thwarted by the cold intolerance of The Boss and a failed attempt to make friends. The rigid office eventually proves too much even for the indomitable Abbie, but friendships can be formed in unexpected places.
Baden Krunk  Directed by Anthony Wood and Patrick Holland. (WI)
A comic look at one man's luck. Think of this as an Expressionist foreign language version of Mr. Bean where absolutely horrible things happen. Ingmar Bergman would probably even chuckle! This film swept the awards at the Madison 48hr Film Project this past summer. 
Analogue Love Directed by Stuart Drennan (United Kingdom)
As the advancement of technology continues to accelerate at an astronomical pace, Analogue Love's tells the story of a television set that has been left behind by society. Carelessly dumped and forgotten about. Except by Maggie (Emma Rigby). It doesn't matter how many pixels it can muster, or whether it's HD or 3D. Maggie loves her TV. And it loves her.
Forgiven Directed by Evan Atwood (MKE)
Carl searches everywhere in the butcher shop, but finds no trace of Lucie. He must face the horrible reality that he is responsible for her accidental death. Carl begs forgiveness of her father, his boss. Gary shows incredible graciousness, and Carl keeps his job as well as friendship with Gary. When an accident occurs with a new hire, Carl must choose whether or not to forgive.
Sidewalk Wars  Directed by Hans Montelius (Sweden)
Late at night in a lonely city intersection, a life-and-death battle breaks out amongst the little men trapped inside the street posts. Hans has won two back to back "Best Film" awards at the Milwaukee Short Film Festival, will he make it a three-peat?
Mish Mush (Apricots) Directed by Amar Chebib (Syrian Arab Republic)
Upon being drafted for military service, Ahmad, a determined young Syrian poet, decides to flee the country. Consequently, he is forced up against a complex bureaucracy, conservative family, and reluctant lover. En route to Lebanon, he discovers himself in an unexpected place, an apricot orchard.
The Lady of Menagerie Directed by Anthony Presti (MKE)
As an acting company rehearses a play, a mysterious occurrence threatens the entire production and causes one member to question their very existence.
Full-time/Part-time  Directed by Steven Kanter (MI)
An unemployed former advertising agent must swallow his ego by applying to wait tables at a family restaurant chain, only to undergo a humiliating interview with a scummy, embittered grade school rival.
It's Just A Movie  Directed by Paul Whittington (Canada)
A retrospective look into the evils of censorship at play. Many electronics were brutally killed during the making of this film.
Happy Clapper Directed by Tom Marshall (United Kingdom)
Wannabe gangster living alone in a caravan gets a visit from a born again Christian.But this is not a random visit, they have both been waiting for this moment to come. A cruel joke which backfires will lead to danger, violence , Christian rock music and their lives changing forever.  Tom Marshall won "Best Film" in 2008 for bigboy_74.
Pedestrian Crossing  Directed by J.T. Backes & Jerry Kurek (MKE)
Characters clash and stories collide in this hilarious, yet touching romantic comedy! An ex-party guest and host struggle to reverse roles in twenty-four hours, a quarreling couple struggles to rekindle their relationship before it's too late, an impatient customer struggles with bureaucracy, an inexperienced barista struggles with the aforementioned impatient customer, a trio of volunteer workers struggle to hook their boss up with her crush, a friendly work-buddy struggles to hook the aforementioned crush up with the aforementioned boss, a garage-sale-managing sister struggles to help her desperate brother find a missing necklace, and a cute couple struggles with how much they love each other.

And finally, for the past two years the Milwaukee Independent Film Society has screened feature films by local filmmakers after our short film programs, from New Day to Port Of Call and Petty Cash and we'll continue that tradition with Patrik Beck's Broken Orbit and Kyle Richards' Amateur Monster Movie!  Broken Orbit is a visually stunning film with a cast of great Milwaukee talent, shot by Tate Bunker and impressive CGI by Patrik Beck himself.
Amatuer Monster Movie is the much talked about feature shot on a shoestring budget, it has received tons of great press, excellent reviews and even sold out a midnight screening at the 1000 seater Oriental Theatre on New Year's Day. Kyle has produced a new director's cut to premiere.
Broken Orbit will screen 9:15pm Friday November 4th, Lubar Auditorium.
The Amateur Monster Movie will screen Nov 5th 9:15 pm, Lubar Auditorium.
Tickets $10 @ Door for all events.
So come one down this November and see why MovieMaker Magazine has called us the "BEST LOCAL FESTIVAL". More films to be announced soon!