2008 MSFF Archive

45 films in 4 days!
Date:  May 30th- June 1st, 2008

Location:The Alchemist & The Times Cinema 
Our Goal: To spotlight emerging artists, and give a focus to Midwest filmmakers.

Created by local and independent filmmakers, the Milwaukee Short Film Festival is proud to provide local talent with a venue for their work to be seen. Through community support, we are able to put on this festival every year. 
Named "Best Local Festival" by

Thursday, May 29th 2008
Location: The Art Bar 
Kick Off Party
featuring music by
Michael Fairchild.
Friday, May 30th 2008 
Opening Night Event 7PM
Location: The Alchemist Theatre
2569 S. Kinnickinnic, Bayview 
Film Line Up: 
The Dirty Job (MKE)
by Ross Bigley
In a large nameless metropolitan east coast city, Special Agent Michelle of the DSI polices the hidden demon population. Her latest assignment given to her by Bob; is to punish Tom Tom  for sexually assaulting a nun. But in order to do her job Michelle has to contend with local demon boss Fatty Boy, Leon, The Cretin and their degenerate stripper girlfriend. A vulgar comic book brought to life.
Death Valley Video (Los Angeles)
by Eric Gerber
A mockumentary home video with a disturbing twist. Eric Gerber was awarded the grand prize in 2004 for his film 'Aldara', he currently lives in Los Angeles where he continues to make his short films.
Kindred (Chicago)
by Andrew Hamer
Dave is 19, and he ran away from home after his father’s unexpected death. His weird Uncle Ted shows up on his doorstep, and Dave is now responsible for him.  Andrew Hamer studied comedy at the Improv Olympics and at Second City. He currently performs stand up around Chicago and makes films.
Spoon (MKE)
by Jonathan West
Murray has just been dumped by yet another gal, and his bartender pal Sal helps him make it through the night. Jonathan is a Milwaukee writer and theatre artist who used to be the artistic director of the Bialystock & Bloom Theatre Company
Victim (MKE) 
by Jason Williams and R. Michael Gull
Victim is the brainchild of stand up comic/writer/actor R. Michael Gull. First written by Gull as a short story in 1993, Victim is the tale of Vincent, a man whose concept of love is, shall we say, a bit skewed. He's not a monster. As a matter of fact, he could be your neighbor, your mechanic, or your child's teacher. He could be that guy with the flat tire on the side of the road, or the one behind you at night at the ATM.
After Party follows with
Binky Tunny and the Farmland Chokehold


, an actor on such the films like Slap Shot, Summer of ’42 and Another You.

TIM LONSDALE, the 1st First Assistant Director of ABC’s upcoming Eli Stone, TBS’s My Boys, Ghost Whisperer, and Charmed.

UWE BOLL, Director on the films In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale, Postal, BloodRayne and House of the Dead.

ZACK WARD, who appeared in the films A Christmas Story, Freddy vs. Jason, Resident Evil: Apocalypse, Transformers and Postal.

LORI KAHN, the former Vice President of original programming for the Showtime network.

JOHN VAN SLYKE, Milwaukee playwright and actor in the films Disembodied, The Dirty Job and Slacktime.


The films are judged on the three merits of:
  • technical skill
  • artistic representation
  • entertainment value.
The judges rank each film and then return the scores to be tallied by the film fest directors. The judges also consider the cast of each film for Best Actor/Actress/Ensemble Award.

The Audience Favorite film is picked by the audience on the closing night of the festival. The votes are tabulated and the film awarded that evening.


Festival Winners:
Monday June 2nd, 2008
2008 was the largest festival yet. spanning 4 days and 45 films. There were 22 films from Wisconsin alone and 10 International Films.

The film, Bigboy_74 by Tom Marshall from the U.K. swept the top awards, taking "Best Film", "Best Director" and "Best Actors" (Jo Hartley and Harry Mett).

L19:Disposed by Paul Whittingham, a stop motion film from Canada received "Honorary Mention" (2nd, Place). Mr Whittingham received this honor two years ago for his film Android 07.

Local filmmaker Craig A. Knitt took "Best Wisconsin Film" and Aurum Design won "Artistic Achievement in Visual Design".

The Audience Favorite went to Victim by R. Michael Gull and Jason Williams.

Also honored were: Milwaukee Mayor, Tom Barrett

As Mayor of Milwaukee, Mayor Barrett has shown great leadership in the support of Film Wisconsin and the Milwaukee Short Film Festival. Without the Help of the Mayor this Festival would not be the success that it is, and Milwaukee would be a less of a place.

Milwaukee Alderman, Tony Zielinski

Alderman Zielniski full understands and supports the role that the Creative Economy particularly film can play in the economic growth of The City of Milwaukee.

As well Alderman Zielinski by his leadership helps the City of Milwaukee to continue to be a great progressive city.

Saturday May 31st, 2008
Location: The Alchemist Theatre
MSFF: Homegrown Films 2PM
sponsored by Film Wisconsin
Lost Memory (MKE)
by Morgan Kastner
Kid Beat Box's Naked Man (MKE)
by Kid Beat Box
Transitory #1 (MKE)
by Katrina Jordan
Love and War (Madison)
by Shelby Falk
A Fistful of Dollar (MKE)
by Don Ford
Let it Grow (MKE)
by Evan Atwood
Blind Date (La Crosse)
by Ryan Aaarstad 
Plight of North American Bipeds (Madison)
by Bridget Brown
Customer Service (MKE)
by Jack Packard
Seffy D (Menomonee Falls)
by Kyle Richards
In Spades (Brookfield)
by Melissa Musante
Escape from Gizemboob (Pewaukee)
by Joe Shakula 

MSFF World View 3:45PM
Night Train (U.K) 
by Sam Sharples
Strike 2 (Spain)
by Arturo Prines 
The Metamorposis and the Jungle (WI)
by Sean Kafer
Catharsis (Spain)
by Daniel Sanchez Chamorro
For a Few Dollars More (Netherlands)
by Jelmar Hufen
My Undone School Movies (Romania)
by Eva Pervolovich 
Alicia Wonderland (Poland)
by Martin Gauvreau
Red Light District Graffiti (Japan)
by Kasumi Hiraoka
Korporate Media Event 6:30PM

MSFF: Late Night 8:30PM
Give Until It Hurts (MKE)
by James Fletcher
I Just Want To Eat My Sandwich (MASS)
by Julia E. Radochia
Eugene and the Worm (Chicago)
by Josh Hope 

A Letter to Colleen (NY)
by Andy and Carolyn London

Black Santa's Revenge (OR)
by David Waller  
After Party with
Independent Idols

Sunday, June 1st, 2008
Juried Films 7pm
Location: The Times Cinema
Korporate Voyage (MKE)
by Justin Bosar 
A young Auteur embarks on a journey via drigible, to bring media to weary workers.
Freefall (CT)
by Pawel Pawelczak 
A Manhattan man subconsciously relives the events of 9/11
17 Year Cicada (Los Angeles)
by Eric Gerber
An experimental video following the journey of a 17 year Cicada.
Oh, Paprika (MKE)
by Anna Krutzik 
An exploration of feelings told in two parts.

Have Courage (MKE)
by Benjamin John Van Male 
On a cold rainy day chickens show their courage.

The Road (CA)
by Owen Thomas
Karma, condensed. A group of people help karma along, having no idea where it'll end.

Feng (Wind)  (Australia)
by Aaron Wilson 
Two people from two countries who once shared a common experience.

Weeds (MKE)
by Aurum Design
A strong female character discovers the power of words in a numinous book garden. Created for the 48hr film project and screened at the Cannes Film Festival.

Drip (WI)
by Craig A. Knitt
A series of intricate events are placed into motion by a slowly dripping faucet.
The Whole Truth (Ill)
by Gerald Guthrie 
An animated work that analyzes aspects of human interaction by decon-textualizing individual contributions to an "overly Polite" conversation.
Otto's Day (MKE)
by Jisun O
An ordinary day in the life of an old man who lives alone in a city apartment.
6optionals (WI)
by Corey Kupfer
The unseen process of performing.
L19:Disposed (Canada)
by Paul Whittington
The last few minutes of an android's life.
Small Apartment (NY)
by Andrew Thomas Betzer
A middle age man, his son and daughter in law explore love and perversion in 700 square feet of space.
Victim (MKE) 
by R. Michael Gull and Jason Williams
Vincent is a man whose concept of love is, shall we say, a bit skewed.
bigboy_74 (U.K.)
by Tom Marshall
A case of mistaken identity leads to suicidal Harry receiving a crash course in "dogging".

Sponsors: Once again, the Milwaukee Short Film Festival congratulates it's winner, and we would also like to thank our sponsors, those who have submitted to our festival these past 9 years and the audience who come to our event each year.

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