2006 MSFF Archive

Date: June 4th, 2006
Location: The Times Cinema 
Our Goal: To spotlight emerging artists, and give a focus to Midwest filmmakers.

Created by local and independent filmmakers, the Milwaukee Short Film Festival is proud to provide local talent with a venue for their work to be seen. Through community support, we are able to put on this festival every year. 

The Line Up:
Big Whisky Campaign 2005 (WI)
by Justin Bosar
In a world where liquor distributors use sex and fun to sell, Big Whisky takes a slightly approach to market its product.

Justin is a visual effects coordinator at Backlot Imaging in downtown Milwaukee. He works on high-end effects and 3D for major motion pictures and local clients. He is also devoted to the independent media scene in Milwaukee.

Lifestyle Gin (WI)
by David R. Overbeck
In a world where the corporate way of life is sapping the strength of the everyday office worker, Lifestyle Gin offers a badly needed work aid.

David is a senior editor at IV Media, a local video/film production house. He is passionate about independent media production, and showcases his, and other local artist's, work at his annual media events.
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Green (Israel)
by Sagi Zamoshchik
An innocent butterfly is drawn towards a single green spot in the desert. To achieve his desire he has to overcome man made obstacles.

Sagi took animation for seven years and is now a second year film student.

View Sagi's reel: http://vimeo.com/9654084

Tractor for Sale  (WI)
by Troy Perkins
A forgotten anniversary. Tractor thieves. Heavy metal teens. Pete Mitchell is having a tough day. A honky tonk tale of love, loss and a tractor.

Wisconsin native Troy Perkins earned a MFA in film production at NYU and currently teaches film/video production courses at UW-Oshkosh.

To a Man With a Big Nose (Hollywood, CA)
by Cecilia Aranovich
A visual adaptation of a poem by Spanish author Qvevedo. A man is attached to a disproportional big nose, which comes to life.

Cecila, born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1980, grew up in Majorca, Spain where she began her studies in traditional animation. She currently works as a flash animator in LA.
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Way (MKE)
by Mat Rappaport
Way is a poetic exploration of the liminal spaces experienced between location and destination.

Mat is an artist whose work explores issues of presence and occupation as framed by a built environment.

The Egg (WI)
by Craig A. Knitt
A vicious cycle takes place deep in a forgotten swamp. What will it take to escape the egg?

Craig is a founding member of the Wildwood Film Festival and the Independent Filmmakers Guild, and an art teacher.

Watch the film on IMDb:
The Magnificent Donut (WI)
by Karen Lindholm-Rynkiewicz
A story of hubris and self-realization through donuts.

Karen is a filmmaker and high school teacher. Her films have shown at the Milwaukee and Beloit international film festivals as well as the Golden Lion festival in the kingdom of Swaziland, Africa. Her film The Grocery was selected for the 6th Milwaukee Short Film Festival.
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Android 207 (Canada)
by Paul Whittington
An android is trapped inside of an extremely large maze but has no idea how to find his way out.

Born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Paul got into film making during High School and has been making films ever since.
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Look for the Union Label (MKE)
by Anthony Wood & Claudia Looze
Santa's elves vote for a strike at the North Pole Union Hall. They're gonna cancel Christmas? What the fuck?!

Anthony and Claudia are a husband and wife team exploring comedy, narrative and documentary projects with equal aplomb.
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Part 2:


Once again, the Milwaukee Short Film Festival congratulates it's winner, and we would also like to thank our sponsors, those who have submitted to our festival these past 9 years and the audience who come to our event each year.

Pizza Shuttle
Sprecher Brewery
Korporate Media
Disc Man
Boardgame Barrister
Alterra Coffee Roasters
Bella's Fat Cat
WMSE Freak Show
Beans and Barley
Art Bar
H W Schwartz Books


Sans Supervision  (New Brunswick, NJ)
by Andrew T. Betzer
A young couple finds many ways to distract their little girl while they spend intimate time together, the girl soon suspects that she is the only adult left in the group. This was an official selection of the Rotterdam International Film Festival.

Andrew lives in the New York area and works at Cineric Inc., restoring motion pictures. He tries to make one short film a year.

Read about Andrew:
A Whirling Tango (Chicago) 
by Hannah Dallman
A Whirling Tango attempts to capture the moment of discovery of my surprise pregnancy by weaving together archival carnival and hygiene footage with an original score on marimba.

Hannah grew up in Milwaukee, and gave birth to her daughter in July 2005. She is currently pursuing her MFA in film & Video at Columbia College Chicago.
Visit Hannah's website:
Losing the Thread (MKE)
by Eric Gerber
An obsession with video overtakes a failed relationship.

Eric Gerber graded from UW-Milwaukee's film department in December 2005. Since graduation, Gerber has been working as a freelance camera/production assistant for several production companies. Losing the Thread was Eric's senior project while attending UWM. Eric was awarded the grand prize of Best Film for Aldara at the 2004 MSFF.
View the film:
Open Closure  (MKE)
by Brooke Swelstad
This film deals with the theme of the structure within an adoption family and closure of issues with in it. I chose to use a montage of experiences that symbolize different events to emphasize the tension I felt growing up.

Brooke graduated from the School of Art Institute of Chicago with a MFA. She is currently attending the graduate film program at UWM.
Read about Brooke:
The Awakening of Consciousness (Spain)
by Dani Ruiz Lacalle & Santiago Hurtado Caballer
A karate combat between two uncommon characters.

Dani Ruiz Lacalle also made The Wish, and Santiago Hurtado Caballer made The Doorway.

Chicxulub (Los Angeles)
by Malona P. Voigt
Ted and Maureen Biehn receive a phone call that a car has hit their daughter. This night is about to change their lives forever. This film is also an official selection of the 2006 Tribeca Film Festival.

Malona Voigt was born and raised in northern Germany . She graduated Smith College in 2002. Her documentary Namaste, which was shot in Nepal, was screened at the New York Lady fest East Festival. Currently Malona is completing her MFA degree in directing and producing at the school of film and television at the University of Southern California.
View the website:
View Malona's IMDb page:

MONDAY, JUNE 05, 2006
The 8th Annual Milwaukee Short Film Festival closed last night and I think it was our best event yet. The quality of films were outstanding and the audience really enjoyed themselves. I also want to thank the filmmakers who participated in the Q and A afterwards. I thought it was a nice addition to the festival.

And for those who could not make this is how the evening turned out.

The Audience Favorite Award: Paul Whittington for Android 207

Best Actor Award: Joel Swetow for Chicxulub

Best Cinematography Award: Eric Gerber for Losing the Thread.

Best Director Award: Malona P. Voigt for Chicxulub

Best Milwaukee Film: Eric Gerber for Losing the Thread.
(This award is sponsored by the Milwaukee International Film Festival and is given a slot in their event this November.)

Honorable Mention (runner up): Paul Whittington for Android 207

Best Film to Malona P. Voigt for Chicxulub. She will receive the grand prize of

Thanks again to all those who submitted, we have a record turn out and it was a tough choice for the judges. I also want to thank our judges, Todd and Tony our sound guys, Justin and David our video presentation people and Rex Sikes who did a bang up job as M.C. And this could not have happened without Eric at the Times Cinema, he has been a huge part of this for the last three years, and we hope next year too.

In closing be sure to take part in our other scheduled events this summer.
The Michael Moynihan benefit July 29th at Bucket works. time to be determined. We'll perform three of his plays and show three of his films. Please come and help us help him.

Our Judges:
AnneMarie Sawkins, Curator, Haggerty Museum
Jeff Fitzsimmons, Filmmaker
Mark Metcalf, Actor
Rex Sikes, Entertainer