2005 MSFF Archive

Date: Sunday June 5th, 2005
Location: The Times Cinema 
                5906 West Vliet Street
Our Goal: To spotlight emerging artists, and give a focus to Midwest filmmakers.

Created by local and independent filmmakers, the Milwaukee Short Film Festival is proud to provide local talent with a venue for their work to be seen. Through community support, we are able to put on this festival every year. 
The Line Up: 
Barnyard Waltz (West Allis)
by Julie Wolterstorff
A peculiar look at farm life.

A Better Life (Milwaukee)
by Tate Bunker
A young woman endures fashion as a means to a better life.
Watch the film on his website:

Cushion (Chicago)
by Alexander Rojas
Anthony and Irma have had cyber-sex. Anthony and Irma have had phone sex. Anthony and Irma are finally meeting in person to have sex, but that involves touching.
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Dirty Deeds (Wauwatosa)
by Kathy Fischer
A fake commercial where viewers are encourage to call a service that promises to "take care of all your problems".
Kathy's profile:

El Siguiente (Spain)
by Lluis Quilez
All of us hide some demons inside us, we don't stop looking for him until he finds us. Won Best Film  at the Luxembourg International Film Festival.
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It Could Happen To You (Englewood, CO)
by Elizabeth Henry
The great divorce. What are we left with. What still haunts us. Previous screenings were held at the New York Underground Film Festival, and the Black Maria Film and Video Festival.
Director's profile:

The Offering (Toronto, Canada)
by Paul Lee
An elegiac mediation about the passing of life, told through the story of love and friendship between a Japanese Monk and the novice who entered his life.
The film's IMDb page:

Panacea (Milwaukee)
by Diego Costa
A sailor and an artist try to pretend that anything lasts long enough.
His youtube channel:

Quitters (New York)
by Henry Miller
Jack and Bobby, roommates and drinking buddies enter a high stakes bet as to who can go longer without a cigarette.
The film's IMDb page:
Race (Milwaukee)
by Adam Presti
An optically printed film concerning time and memory.

Skin Tone (Milwaukee)
by Eric Gerber
A scar becomes part of the body, a film becomes a personal journal.
The film's IMDb page:

Small Study #1: The Bubble on the other side of nothing/forever (Green Bay)
by Sarah Detweiler
In this short animation, a female is on a bed surrounded by paper bells. the audio is reminiscent of a Cage performance.

Snapshot (Milwaukee)
by Michael T. Vollmann
Two girls prepare for their dads second wedding.
Michael's website:

Spacer (Canada)
by Guy Roland
Spacer looks at the world through a moving camera, finding in it odd rhythms and unexpected harmonies. Buildings, bridges, fences and walls come alive as they revel themselves as you've never seen them before.
View the film:

Two Will Fly (Milwaukee)
by Andrew Rosas
One part dance, one part music, one part film. Two will fly tells the story of two animals that dream of flying to escape the forest.

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Smart Card (Los Angeles)
by James David Oxford
Smart Card, is a tale of a utopian future where every aspect of your life intergraded into one system. Convenience and simplicity is the product and Smart Corporation does the packaging. Robert Sharpe has been living this care free life. Everything is perfect, until he encounters a philosophical vagrant at a local fueling station who steals the one item you can not do without, his “SMART CARD.”

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Director's IMDB:
MONDAY, JUNE 06, 2005
The 7th Annual Milwaukee Short Film Festival closed with another successful year with plenty of awards being handed out. Here is the break down of last night's winners.

Best Film  to James Oxford's Smart Card

Honorary Mention (2nd place) to Guy Roland's Spacer

Honorary Mention for Ensemble Acting went to Alberto Jimenez, Pol Tolos, Montse Morillo and Caterina Perez for the film El Siguiente

Honorary Mention for Acting to Bill A. Jones for the film Smart Card

Honorary Mention for Cinematography to Isaac Vila for the film El Siguiente

Special Artistic Achievement (Best Milwaukee Film) to Tate Bunker's A Better Life.
This award included placement into the Milwaukee International Film Festival this October

Audience Favorite: Smart Card

Thank you again to all the filmmakers and our sponsors, it was a great year and look for news on next years festival in the coming weeks.

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