2011 MSFF Archive

Nov 4th and 5th, 2011
Lubar Auditorium, Milwaukee Art Museum
700 N Art Museum Drive, Milwaukee WI
The smallest WORLD CLASS Festival. Over 250 entries from 25 countries. 
Come see and support the local filmmaking/artistic community. 
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Date: November 4th and 5th, 2011
Location: The Milwaukee Art Museum's Lubar Auditorium (FILMS SUBJECT TO CHANGE.)
Our Goal: To spotlight emerging artists, and give a focus to Midwest filmmakers.

Created by local and independent filmmakers, the Milwaukee Short Film Festival is proud to provide local talent with a venue for their work to be seen. Through community support, we are able to put on this festival every year. 
Named "Best Local Festival" by 
During the Festival MIFS will also premiere feature films by local film-makers outside of the festival programing.

Session 1: Friday 11/4  5:15pm
Contra El Mar (Against The Sea) (MKE Premiere)
Directed by: Richard Parkin  (LA/Mexico) 
Despite his wife's disapproval, Hector bides his time as a deep-sea diver to provide for his family and to save for his own fishing boat. But after an accident at sea, Hector is forced to confront the deadly nature of his profession and the responsibilities to his family. UCLA Festival of New Creative Work: Best Director & Best Screenplay
View trailer:
WWRD? (MKE Premiere)
Directed by Glen Popple (MKE)  
The apocalypse is predicted and Christ appears! But which Christ is it? Learn the truth behind the predictions and Christianity in What Would Randy Do!
Who is ForestHeightster? (MKE Premiere)
Directed by Brighton West (OR )
Mike Ryerson, a reporter for the Northwest Examiner neighborhood newspaper, broke the story about an anonymous online commenter, revealing his identity and causing unintended consequences. 
14 Minutes (MKE Premiere)
Directed by: Elise Plakke (MA) 
An engaged American girl sets off on a road-trip to decipher her decision to get married in a few weeks by meeting up with a gruff, Canadian photographer whom she has never met to assist her in questioning standard notions of happiness. Anybody who has questioned whether or not they are in the right relationship will relate to this film.
Vist the website:
The Seven Year Wish  (MKE Premiere)
Directed by Jenn Robers (WI) 
Every year, on his birthday, struggling musician Matt Michaels makes the same wish: not to die. But as we all know, birthday wishes only last one year, and the cloaked figure of Death knows it too. Like the house guest who can't take a hint, Death appears every year on Matt's birthday ready to collect if the poor guy doesn't make the same wish ensuring another year of life... and to hang out with Matt, his best and only friend.
Heart <3 (MKE Premiere)
Directed by: Josh Flowers (OH ) 
It's all about what you say, really.
I Was A Parade (MKE Premiere)
Directed by: Steven Levy (NJ)  
Lonely and bored at a party, a boy decides to take 100 balloons to the person he misses most. As he makes his way to his destination, he is seen as a spectacle of sorts and becomes a float in his own parade.

Session 2: Friday 11/4  7pm
Wildwood Film Festival  
2011 Pace-setter Honorees.
 Plus Milwaukee Premieres of Milwaukee Films.
The Lady of Menagerie (MKE Premiere)
Directed by Anthony Presti (MKE) 

As an acting company rehearses a play, a mysterious occurrence threatens the entire production and causes one member to question their very existence.
Hitchhiker's Trade (MKE Premiere)
Directed by: Matt Worzala (WI) 
A lone driver on a cross-state journey runs into more than he was bargaining for when he starts enforcing the old Hitchhiker's Code of 'Grass, Gas or Ass'.

Spring Loaded (MKE Premiere)
Directed by: Craig A. Knitt (WI) 
The local mob boss has everything he needs for regional domination wrapped up in a tiny vial of green fluid. The latest in a long line of female entertainers proves to be more than Big Lou bargained for when she attempts to steal the 'power'. Laser beams and Kung-fu attacks ensue!
Pedestrian Crossing  (MKE Premiere)
Directed by J.T. Backes & Jerry Kurek (MKE) 
Characters clash and stories collide in this hilarious, yet touching romantic comedy! An ex-party guest and host struggle to reverse roles in twenty-four hours, a quarreling couple struggles to rekindle their relationship before it's too late, an impatient customer struggles with bureaucracy, an inexperienced barista struggles with the aforementioned impatient customer, a trio of volunteer workers struggle to hook their boss up with her crush, a friendly work-buddy struggles to hook the aforementioned crush up with the aforementioned boss, a garage-sale-managing sister struggles to help her desperate brother find a missing necklace, and a cute couple struggles with how much they love each other. 
Happy Clapper  (MKE Premiere)
Directed by Tom Marshall (United Kingdom) 
Wannabe gangster living alone in a caravan gets a visit from a born again Christian. But this is not a random visit, they have both been waiting for this moment to come. A cruel joke which backfires will lead to danger, violence, Christian rock music and their lives changing forever. Tom Marshall won "Best Film" in 2008 for bigboy_74. 

Ages 13 and up.
Written and Directed by Patrik Beck
Director of Cinematography: Tate Bunker
Starring: Lori Minneti,  Lynn Moritz, Jim Iaquinta, Michael Denk, Linda Cieslik, Sam Kozel, Chelsey Patti and Jesse Kaplan  

Six years ago, alien ships arrived and have showed them selves to astronauts in orbit above the earth. After a brief contact with one of the members of the space shuttle, the alien ship sped away. Apparently finding the people of earth beneath their interest, the aliens have retreated to the outer rim of the solar system to continue about their mysterious business.

This story is centered about a news crew who are investigating a group of alien enthusiasts who study the aliens and follow their every move. They were expecting to find a group of colorful kooks. What they discovered was so much more.

And it was a good thing they were paying attention.

About the Movie

Broken Orbit is a high concept science fiction movie that deals with the theme, sometimes important things happen and are forgotten before they are finished. The production of Broken Orbit takes advantage of the high caliber of talent, production, and locations that Milwaukee has to offer. Shot with a cinematic style in high definition by award winning cinematographer Tate Bunker, the special effects are provided by Electric Crayon studio who has been providing the area with animation and digital effects for almost two decades. Written and Directed by Patrik Beck, drawing on the acting talent of Milwaukee's extensive theater community and improvisational comedy groups, achieves exceptional performances from the cast.

Following the film there will be a short Q/A with cast and crew
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The Milwaukee Independent Film Society (MIFS) was established as a non-profit corporation in 1998 to help filmmakers finish their projects. In 2009 the MIFS has reorganized to continue and expand it's mission to advance filmmaking in Wisconsin.
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Judges for 2011
Cyn Dulay is Founder and President of Stormynight, LLC. Established in September 2009. Dulay has 16 years business management and 7 years as an independent film producer.

Stormynight is a multimedia entertainment company that specializes in independent motion pictures. Stormynight is involved in all facets of film production from conception, development, production and financing of independent film and television productions. Stormynight’s main goal is to make commercially viable films that combine established and emerging talents in the industry.

To date, Dulay has produced, executive produced and financed 17 feature length films, 3 television pilots, and 3 independent shorts. Several films have received distribution deals through Warner Bros., Finnkino, and Triumphant Pictures. In 2008, she co-produced with writer/producer Cathy Rubey of Irish Peanut Productions and director Stephen Polk of Providence Productions (Pirate Camp, Black Dahlia) on a drama feature film titled, “Baggage” (Cheryl Ladd, Barry Bostwick) receiving worldwide distribution and premiered on the Lifetime Channel last November.

In September 2009, Stormynight has partnered with Penny Road Pictures (The Insatiable) and Sweet Pea Productions who brought in Writer/Director Omar McClinton (The Dark Knight, Frailty, Scary Movie 2, Witless Protection, Ugly Betty, Xena The Warrior Princess) to launch a 3D Animated Feature Film “Stork”, starring Ed Asner (UP, Elf, Mary Tyler Moore Show). Stork casts members also include, Tim Kazurinsky (Saturday Night Live), Joyce De Witt (Three‘s Company), Brian Bloom (The A-Team, CSI), Kim Fields (The Facts Of Life, Different Strokes), and Larry Thomas (Seinfeld‘s Soup Nazi, Austin Powers, Postal).
This fall you can catch Dulay in the Starz series "Boss" starring Kelsey Grammer.
Timothy Lonsdale grew up in Manitowoc, writer/director Timothy Lonsdale considers himself a Wisconsin native. After three years as a radio communications sergeant with the U.S. Army Special Forces (Green Beret), he received a B.A. and a B.S. from the University of Wisconsin in Madison. Three years in Dallas lead to an M.F.A. in Theatre (Acting) from Southern Methodist University, work in the Dallas TV series, the Shakespeare Festival of Dallas, as well as radio and TV commercials and a Midwest tour playing Dickinson in 1776.

After moving to New York, Lonsdale was accepted into the Directors Guild of America Training Program. A member of the DGA for 25 years, he has worked as an Assistant Director for scores of directors including Martin Scorsese, Barry Sonnenfeld, M. Night Shyamalan and several Emmy/DGA Award winners. He has directed for Charmed (Aaron Spelling and Warner Bros.) and is attached to direct a feature screenplay that he has written.

Significant production credits as an Assistant Director include: Hudson Hawk, Lost in Yonkers, Species, Charmed, Ghost Whisperer, The District, Eli Stone, Pushing Daisies, and most recently, four seasons on My Boys for Sony/TBS. And Comedy Centrals's upcoming Kroc.

Adam Stephen Kelly is a British film journalist and independent film-maker currently writing and producing a number of feature films and television projects with Shadowhawk Films International, an Irish-based production company.

Known by his handle Britgeek, Kelly is a contributing columnist for Ain't It Cool News, one of the oldest and most popular news and review websites on the internet, where he focuses on the latest film and TV developments in the UK.

First published in-print in a newspaper at age 16, Kelly has spent the subsequent five years writing for the likes of Film4, GZ Magazine and Screenjabber.com, where, as the Sub-editor, his articles, interviews and around 500 film, TV and video game reviews have been published. His opinions on films can be seen on a number of posters and DVD/Blu-ray boxes sold in stores around the world.

He has a graphic novel due to be published in 2012, when also his first feature as writer-producer, After Dark starring Patrick Bergin (Patriot Games, Sleeping with the Enemy), will enter production.
Dick Grunert is an independent writer, producer and director in Los Angeles, CA. He was born in Milwaukee and raised in Cedarburg, WI. He Studied film/video at Columbia College-Chicago, where he graduated in 1996. The next year, he moved to LA in pursuit of his life long dream. In 2003, he co-wrote the Farelly Brothers produced short film, T For Terrorist starring Tony Shalhoub.  The comedy about stereotypes in Hollywood played at numerous festivals and won awards in New York and San Francisco.  
Grunert's short film, Birthright played at the 2008 Atlanta Horror Film Festival, and he is also resurrecting radio drama with his podcast, Dead of Night Radio. The show is an anthology of original horror stories written by Grunert and starring some of LA's most talented voice actors. Visit www.deadofnightradio.blogspot.com to listen to the show. Currently, Grunert works on the hit Cartoon Network series, Adventure Time. 
  • Mark GE is a multi-media artist who creates film, video, music, installation and performance pieces. Mark is the founder of Joy Farm, a nationally award winning video performance troupe. His documentary, Midwestern Gothic, about Academy Award Winning Director James Marsh's documentary Wisconsin Death Trip is available world-wide on DVD. His film, The Unfortunate Gift; an Homage to Edward Gorey has been accepted in the Edward Gorey Historical Library. He has worked with Graham Chapman from Monty Python's Flying Circus. His band Cyberchump plays on national radio programs such as Echoes, Starstreams and Hearts of Space.

    Wayne Clingman is best known as the founder and Festival Director of the "It Came From Lake Michigan Film Festival", he has also been very active in the local/ Wisconsin film community with his Indy Film Wisconsin Podcast, where he uses it to give local filmmakers a voice and to help give advice as well.  Wayne has served as part of the working group of Film Wisconsin, and was a part of the travailing group that sought input from Film Makers around the State.  And  has severed as Commissioner of Cable Access 25 In Racine WI. Currently Wayne is the Director of Programming for The Agricultural Network.

     He lives in Racine, WI and loves Russ Meyer fims.


    The films are judged on the three merits of:
    • technical skill
    • artistic representation
    • entertainment value.
    The judges rank each film and then return the scores to be tallied by the film fest directors. The judges also consider the cast of each film for Best Actor/Actress/Ensemble Award.

    The Audience Favorite film is picked by the audience on the closing night of the festival. The votes are tabulated and the film awarded that evening.

    Saturday 11/5
    Directed by:Justine Romine
    Produced by: Andy Schatner, Justin R. Romine, and Don Ford 
    Starring: Andy Schatner, Daniel Kuhlman, Heather Dorff, Kris Desautels, Scott Lynch-Giddings, Cathleen Hennon, Ivan Calderon, David Goodloe, with Tom Lodewyck and Deneen Melody
    After years of fighting, vampires and humans come to a truce-with the vamps getting the short end of the stick. Relegated to second class citizens, they are forced to live in ghettos and micro-chipped to track their movements. Adding insult to injury, they must also get their blood from specially sanctioned government blood banks.

    Although the Hunters have officially disbanded, Jonathan Sloan and his small crew of ex-Hunters track down “illegals” trying to uncover a conspiracy of a vampire cabal with ties to a Senator that plans on overthrowing the government and returning the vampires back to their former glory. Jonathan must also come to grips with his past and decide where his loyalties lie in dealing with his feelings for Perrey, the love of his life-a vampire...when nature takes over, love is not enough.

    Afraid Of Sunrise stars writer/producer and 2011 Chicago Horror Film Festival Best Actor nominee Andy Schatner, Daniel Kuhlman, 2011 Chicago Horror Film Festival Best Actress Heather Dorff (What They Say), Kris Desautels with Wisconsin actor Tom Lodewyck and Scream Queen Deneen Melody.

    View Trailer:

    The Bad Girl
    A special screening of this feature film now shooting in Milwaukee. This presentation contains strong sexual material and no one under 18 will be allowed in.  
    A young woman tired with her the string of bad boyfriends decides to take matters in to her own hands. A revealing comedy that will get you talking.
    Natasha Nafrini, Anieya Walker, Ryan H. Nelson, Nathaniel Ross and Jim Decker
    Story by:
    Natasha Nafrini, Glen Popple and Ross Bigley.
    Director of Photography: David Smulski
    Directed by: Glen Popple and Ross Bigley
    View Trailer:

    Session 3: Saturday 11/5 4:30pm
    Left Alone (MKE Premiere)
    Directed by Seth Boggess (Ill) 15 mins
    Ian is a Chicago cab driver searching for someone who will listen.  As he grieves the death of his son, Ian is compelled to reach out to the strangers he encounters one night on the job. Based on the Anton Chekhov short story “Misery”, Left Alone is an award winning short film that explores our need for compassionate listening when we're in pain, and the obstacles we face in that pursuit. The fifteen minute short film is the directorial debut of Seth Boggess and features a powerful performance by Paul Noble.
    Visit the website:
    Go Fish (MKE Premiere) 
    Directed by Jared Stepp (WI) 
    Jack is a lonely accountant whose only pleasure in life is eating his lunch in a park. One day a woman rushes by on a bike and spills her precious cargo: a goldfish. Jack rushes to the rescue, but is unable to stop the stranger on the bike. He soon befriends the fish, and when he sees the beautiful stranger in the park the next day, he must choose whether to give back the fish or keep his newfound friend.
    Thistle (MKE Premiere)
    Directed by: Sarah Eason  (CO) 
    Thistle is a stop motion animation project using paper cut out puppets, large-scale water color backgrounds, and some 2D animation elements. One day a starling meets a thistle girl, and pecks out her eye...
    Miyuki's Wind Bell (MKE Premiere)
    Directed by Ken Ochiai (Japan)
    Against her will, Miyuki must leave Tokyo and take her two young half-brothers to the country home of their quirky grandmother, but when they arrive she will discover that she had to leave her home in order to find it.
    Visit the website for the film:
    View Trailer:
    Space Jaunt
    Directed by Melissa Musante  (MKE)
    Space exploration is all relative... one being's trek is another one's jaunt.  Space Jaunt

    Art Hard (MKE Premiere)
    Directed by: Meredith Danluck (PA) 
    Land artist Jim Denevan and his crew journey to Lake Baikal in southwestern Siberia, and over the course of two weeks they create a land art installation spanning nine square miles across the lake's frozen surface.

    One. (MKE Premiere)
    Directed by: TJ Thyne (LA) 
    One man, one cake, one candle, one moment of his life, left alone, attempting celebratory remembrance, crippled by memory & reality after only one bite.

    Melt (MKE Premiere)
    Directed by: Noemie Lafrance (NY)
    Perched on a wall and wrapped in sculptural beeswax and lanolin costumes that melt away, dancers progress in euphoria and exhaustion, melting until their souls escape their ephemeral bodies and disintegrate into light.

    Birthday Girl (MKE Premiere)
    Directed by Troy Perkins (WI)  
    Angry, big-city teen Katie reluctantly travels to live with her uncle, a rural farmer with a conspicuous limp. The two seemingly have nothing in common, until a striking flower catches Katie's eye, stirring memories of birthdays past.

    请勿打扰 (Do Not Disturb) (MKE Premiere)
    Directed by: Barry Wilkinson (U.K.)
    A young Chinese business couple are on a job in the UK. As they desperately try to sell their company's product in a series of tedious presentations, the isolation in a foreign country causes feelings they have for each other to be amplified. Eventually the man has to decide if his feelings are true and if so should he act on them, or are they a result of his frustration in this country on the other side of the world?
    Full-time/Part-time (MKE Premiere)
    Directed by: Steven Kanter  (MI)  
    An unemployed former advertising agent must swallow his ego by applying to wait tables at a family restaurant chain, only to undergo a humiliating interview with a scummy, embittered grade school rival. It is a short film about sales; the cost of an ego, value of self hood, and the price of entitlement.
    Session 4: Saturday 11/5  7pm
    Mish Mush (Apricots) (MKE Premiere)
    Directed by Amar Chebib (Syrian Arab Republic

    Upon being drafted for military service, Ahmad, a determined young Syrian poet, decides to flee the country. Consequently, he is forced up against a complex bureaucracy, conservative family, and reluctant lover. En route to Lebanon, he discovers himself in an unexpected place, an apricot orchard.

    Sidewalk Wars  (MKE Premiere)
    Directed by Hans Montelius (Sweden) 
    Late at night in a lonely city intersection, a life-and-death battle breaks out amongst the little men trapped inside the street posts. Hans has won two back to back "Best Film" awards at the Milwaukee Short Film Festival, will he make it a three-peat?
    View the trailer to his award winning film from last year:
    Forgiven (MKE Premiere)
    Directed by Evan Atwood (MKE) 
    Carl searches everywhere in the butcher shop, but finds no trace of Lucie. He must face the horrible reality that he is responsible for her accidental death. Carl begs forgiveness of her father, his boss. Gary shows incredible graciousness, and Carl keeps his job as well as friendship with Gary. When an accident occurs with a new hire, Carl must choose whether or not to forgive.
    View Trailer:
    Hello. My Name is. . .  (MKE Premiere)
    Directed by Kenneth Kornacki (MKE) 
    Typographic animations illustrating the names of very large numbers.
    Visit Kenneth Kornacki's website:
    Abbie  (MKE Premiere)
    Directed by Erin Good (Australia) 

    In a dystopian corporate world idealistic Abbie embarks on the first day of her new job with nervous delight. Her excitement however, is quickly thwarted by the cold intolerance of The Boss and a failed attempt to make friends. The rigid office eventually proves too much even for the indomitable Abbie, but friendships can be formed in unexpected places.
    It's Just A Movie (MKE Premiere)
    Directed by Paul Whittington (Canada)  
    A retrospective look into the evils of censorship at play. Many electronics were brutally killed during the making of this film.
    Learn more about Paul and his past work:
    More Awesome Bowling Trick Shots (MKE Premiere)
    Directed by Jack Packard (MKE) 
    This time...we found a little trampoline.
    Director's website:
    A Finger, Two Dots Then Me (MKE Premiere)
    Directed by David Holechek  (LA) 
    'A Finger, Two Dots Then Me' is a spoken-word piece based on a popular poem by renowned modern poet Derrick Brown. The film takes a dramatic look at death, life and love through the eyes of Brown, a beat poet who has performed around the world for the last decade both as a headliner and with bands such as the Flaming Lips and the Cold War Kids.

    Analogue Love (MKE Premiere)
    Directed by Stuart Drennan (United Kingdom) 

    As the advancement of technology continues to accelerate at an astronomical pace, Analogue Love's tells the story of a television set that has been left behind by society. Carelessly dumped and forgotten about. Except by Maggie (Emma Rigby). It doesn't matter how many pixels it can muster, or whether it's HD or 3D. Maggie loves her TV. And it loves her.
    View the IMDb listing:
    Baden Krunk  (MKE Premiere)
    Directed by Anthony Wood and Patrick Holland. (WI) 
    A comic look at one man's luck. Think of this as an Expressionist foreign language version of Mr. Bean where absolutely horrible things happen. Ingmar Bergman would probably even chuckle! This film swept the awards at the Madison 48hr Film Project this past summer. 
    Peixe Vermelho  (Red Fish)
    Directed by Andreia Vigo (Brazil) 
    A mysterious turn of events leads a woman into unknown territory. An award-winning short,  "Peixe Vermelho" has been shown in exhibitions and film festivals in the U.S., Spain, and Brazil. The film was written by Milwaukee native Matt Palasz. Featuring David Lynch
    About the director:
    Follow the film on Twitter:

    If you missed the sold out show this past January, now you have the chance to see a brand new cut of the film!
    Directed by Kyle Richards.
    Cinematography by Quinn Hester
    Starring: Chris Ouchie, Kyle Richards, Steven Golla, Bruce Spielbauer and Charles Ramsey
    The Amateur Monster Movie is a hilarious, low-budget affair featuring lots of zombies and a werewolf wearing a letterman jacket! And there's even some boobs in it too!  THE AMATEUR MONSTER MOVIE is a no-budget, amateur comedy monster flick shot in and around Milwaukee in 2009 and 2010.

    After a group of boy scouts are mysteriously killed by a wolf-like creature on Cadaverous Island, Walter Romero, whose best friend was among the killed, sets out to find exactly what happened. In order to reach the island, Walter teams up with Johnny Mason, neighborhood stoner, to smoke up Ashley Valinski, neighborhood hottie, and get her to take them out on her father's boat. But soon after arriving on Cadaverous Island, a horde of zombies steals their boat, leaving them stranded, and the three are forced to team up with two cops, the mayor, and a team of botanists to either kill the monsters... or be killed themselves..... DUN-DUN-DUN!!!
    Following the film there will be a short Q/A with cast and crew
    View Trailer:
    After Party to follow at the:
    722 East Burleigh Street Milwaukee, WI
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    Winning Films
    Best Film: A Finger, Two Dots Then Me by David Holechek

    Honorary Mention (2nd Place): Abbie by Erin Good.

    Best Wisconsin Film: Baden Krunk by Anthony Wood and Patrick Holland

    Best Director (tie) Baden Krunk by Anthony Wood and Patrick Holland
    and A Finger, Two Dots Then Me by David Holechek

    Best Actor (tie) Jacinta Acevski (Abbie), Emma Rigby (Analogue Love)

    Best Ensemble: Forgiven directed by Evan Atwood.

    Audience Favorite: A Finger, Two Dots Then Me by David Holechek
    A big thank you to our emcee hosts Jon Anne Willow and John Van Slyke. Thank you to the Milwaukee Art Museum for allowing us to host our event there. Special thanks to all of our sponsors.